Guestbook for Sr. Macrina

I'm from St. Benedict's Monastery in St. Joseph, MN. Sister Macrina gave a retreat at St. Bens. It was when S. Ephrem Hollermann was prioress here, 1995-2005. I was deeply touched during this time that Macrina was here. As was usual, the retreat was taped on cassette tapes. Perhaps about ten or so years ago I checked these tapes out of our library, and somehow never did return them. I still listen to them every so often and am touched by her words. Some day soon, there will be no more cassette tapes or players available. One of my favorite books is ABIDE and I refer to it regularly. My favorite chapter was the one on 'The tapping of the Heart.' She touched me and I have grown. Thank you for sharing her. I loved Macrina' s Window. My love and prayers to all of you. Sister Leora Juettner
I have fond memories of Sister Macrina originating from the first time I attended a retreat that she conducted in 1986. In subsequent years I would return from time to time for a retreat she conducted or join her and the community for Liturgy of the Hours. I really enjoyed her zest for our spiritual journey. She was a remarkable woman in her writings and her ministry. I will really enjoy meeting her again in the heavenly kingdom.
Sister Macrina was a God-send in my life. Began with her as my spiritual director. She guided and challenged me, becoming also a mentor and a dearly loved and cherished friend. My heart hurts now, but my spirit must rejoice with Macrina. She is home! Looking forward to the day I get to join her. Once we are all there, no one will ever leave! Until then, sing an alleluia for me, sweet friend. I love you. Julie
Thank you Macrina for your presence in the many retreats I attended at the retreat center. They are a part of my life.
My late wife, Naomi, was a sister in this community and the niece of a former Prioress, Sister Jane Frances. I know Sister Macrina was a great blessing to her religious sisters and many Christians through her spiritual wisdom. I ask that she now be kept in blessed memory along with all of her sister companions from the community who have gone to Paradise. May their journeys be completed and may they intercede for us who journey on this side. Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux petpetua luceat ei.
I was blessed to "cross paths" with Macrina through her books, at a retreat she gave in Pecos, NM (out of which came one of my best poems) and at Serra Retreat where I ministered from 1996 to 2007. One day she visited at Serra with her blood sister who lived somewhere in the greater LA area. We "visited" for a while that day and I was able to tell her how significant many of her words had been for me on my spiritual journey. May she now enjoy the loving gaze of the one she loved so well. Peace be with all of us as we mourn her passing.
Please accept my sympathy upon the death of Sister Macrina. In the few messages I have sent during her illness and in the process of dying, I have expressed my gratitude for the many gifts I received during the July 2017 retreat. I returned to praying with the Psalms and to expressing with my art the images awakened in me during prayer and meditation. Macrina's way of describing the spiritual journey was so refreshing that I am still being renewed. You will miss her physical presence and in faith we all know that her spirit is still with you. May each of you be blessed as you continue to respond to the Spirit in your daily lives. Many blessings. Margot
30 years ago we met. Both Orphan Train Rider descendants, we had our Mothers in common from the NYC Fondling Hospital. When you invited me to Dancing on the Edge retreat in mid 90's, I never knew you'd have such an impact on my life. Meeting you and St. Scholastica brought me to Arkansas. You provided the connection I needed to leave my lifetime home in south Louisiana. Over these many years you taught me how to See the Beauty in the Ordinary. You're childlike wonder always inspired me and your friendship blessed me. Your inspiration helped deepen my faith and drew me into mischief sometimes...we had some fun, laughs, and beer! Great memories! I miss you so much already and will never forget you. With Gratitude for your life dear heart, Kaye
What a loss to so many and the world!! We will all miss Macrina’s unique and unrepeatable perspective and her endearing facility with language. Sending love and light to all her dear sisters and family. For the rest of us who mourn her, we must comfort each other as we rest in the.comfort of all the words she left us. May her soul Rest In Peace freed now of all illness. Her light will shine for all eternity. May her teachings continue to guide and inspire us.
Macrina, Rest in the arms of God's love. May the tree be filled with so many Angels you laugh outloud. Macrina, Joyce and I received our degrees from St. Thomas in Houston together. It was one of the highlights of my life and it was filled with Grace as Macrina read her poetry in the evenings. I will forever remember her with deep love. Mariane
I had never heard of Sister Macrina until the day after she went to be with The Lord. I started to read her book ' A TREE FULL of ANGELS'. i have not yet completed the book but her words have pierced through my dark heart into the depths of my soul. I was so excited because I had never felt such a stirring within me at any time in my life, and so I wanted to contact Sister Macrina to thank her and share with her what Christ was doing to me through her labours . Alas it was not to be, but what has blown me away is that even in Sister's recent passing, God still used her to lift this lost sinner out of the pit of darkness. Sister Macrina will always be in my prayers as now will all of you at the monastery. Please pray for me. With a holy kiss John
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